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Dedicated wave sup

Created by bolocom 1 month ago, 11 Apr 2022
NSW, 56 posts
11 Apr 2022 7:51PM
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Hi guys, sup foiling on an old ecs McKee 7'0 I think it's about 120l but not sure. 7'0. X 28 x 4"1/4"
want to get a lighter shorter board.
what size can you ride comfortable at 88kg?
any feedback on the One egg or Amos Hawk?

WA, 843 posts
10 May 2022 1:50PM
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I have no experience with Amos but I can definitely vouch for ONE being great boards. Excellent quality and construction. I am 100kg and ride the 6'5" 130L recessed deck model, very stable fun board. You could probably do the 5'10" recessed deck nicely as it's about 110L.

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10 May 2022 11:18PM
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I'm 90 kg plus heavy wetsuit, ride Armstrong FG115 5.11. Could go 99L but would suffer in our heavy current and often choppy conditions here. 115L gives a great all round float without suffering constantly and enough performance to be fun.


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