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Prone foiling.

Created by Scottie Lit-tle Two weeks ago, 25 Jul 2022
Scottie Lit-tle
QLD, 88 posts
25 Jul 2022 10:19AM
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Hi crew. Does seabreeze have a dedicated Prone Foiling forum? Am i over missing something in my search? Some topics start interesting, but then quickly turns to Wding talk, which is not of interest. Link please...?

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25 Jul 2022 10:40AM
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WA, 266 posts
25 Jul 2022 6:48PM
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Seabreeze just needs to add Foiling as the main category with sub-groups.
- WingFoil
- WindFoil
- KiteFoil
- ProneFoil
- SupFoil
Most of us have given up windsurfing, kitesurfing and Stand up paddle anyway. I think foiling is here to stay folks. seabreeze is the best worldwide forum.

WA, 8855 posts
25 Jul 2022 9:19PM
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Most post here regarding their prone questions. Seems to work so far.

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28 Jul 2022 4:28AM
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eppo said..
Most post here regarding their prone questions. Seems to work so far.

yup seabreeze has become a world leader for foil chat.

The most prone focused forum I know of was surfermag, but it's crickets over there nowadays. The early adopters got nothing to talk about any more, not that many's all winging these days. Prog Project from HDip is the newest entrant, we'll see if they can get some momentum.

So combing the sup foil and prone foil into one SurfFoil category makes sense, as splitting it up further risks losing the critical mass needed.

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Monday , 8 Aug 2022 2:17AM
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Agree with that ^^


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