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Stab above or under the fuselage - difference of efficiency?

Created by foilstate Two weeks ago, 26 Jul 2022
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26 Jul 2022 4:55PM
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I have heard different theories around stab/tail placement, apparently the tail above the fuselage (cabrinha, axis, fone, mikes lab) would be more efficient (better glide and control) as it's above the front wing turbulences? What do you think about this? Anyone tried to A/B test gear with the same tail above or under?

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26 Jul 2022 7:53PM
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Interesting, seems that both work well,If below the fuse was a problem with front wing turbulence I recon we'd know about it by now. Above breaches earlier ,and Below is unaffected by the fuse turbulence.

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26 Jul 2022 6:31PM
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KDMaui who knows a bit about foiling designed the Reedin foil with above the fuse stab. I breach my below the fuse tail a bit so will stay with below the tail unless someone can convince me otherwise.

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27 Jul 2022 1:52AM
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Tail above fuse is more resistant to damage from touching the bottom in my experience.

NSW, 537 posts
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27 Jul 2022 12:49PM
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Think about it from a force point of view. rear wing pushed down. It can either hang from the bolts or push directly on the fuselage. Plus the damage POV. Plus from a turbulence POV, at the highest speeds your generally angled down a little, you want your rear clear of front wing wash (which it still isn't, but slightly better on top - it's the wild wild west back there is how it has been put to me).


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27 Jul 2022 1:23PM
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Grantmac said..
Tail above fuse is more resistant to damage from touching the bottom in my experience.

Can we agree that tail above fuse means above, when in it's riding position - not when upside down? In which case, the above fuse would be less prone to contact with the bottom. Tail above fuse (if my terminology is correct) are a pain to switch out.

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27 Jul 2022 3:54PM
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I heard Takuma is switching to top mount for their 500 wing.


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