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Heat release screw

Created by Lizardman Two weeks ago, 7 May 2022
VIC, 55 posts
7 May 2022 9:55AM
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Hi all, I just want some confirmation about the screw that is supposed to be for heat release. Does the screw have to be loosened off to release the build up of internal heat or are the set enough to release without adjustment. Cheers.

VIC, 203 posts
7 May 2022 1:08PM
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I believe it is a valve, releases with increased air pressure.

8 posts
7 May 2022 1:49PM
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The valve is there to let air in, or out, to compensate for air pressure changes due to cooling, or heating, and high/low altitude. I think most boards come with automatic ones that you aren't supposed to touch

QLD, 436 posts
7 May 2022 4:56PM
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There are 'breather' valves made of GoreTex or similar that you don't need to touch (just rinse with water), or metal screws that should be released manually if you absolutely have to have your board in the sun. Just remember to put it back in before you hit the water! A piece of brightly-coloured tape helps remind you if you've taken the metal screw out


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"Heat release screw" started by Lizardman