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Allround board advice

Created by thall Two weeks ago, 15 Jun 2022
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15 Jun 2022 5:07PM
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I am an intermediate windsurfer looking to buy my first sup board, I have some SUP experience too. Main use will be cruising in flat water or slight chop for a few miles (I will be windsurfing when it's windy enough), but I also want to be able to surf in small waves, knee to waist high. (most often onshore). I weigh 63 kg at 177cm, what board would be a good compromise between surfing and cruising performance? Portability is alco a concern, 12+ foot downwind race boards etc. are too impractical for me. I am currently looking at a used 2016 fanatic allwave 9' (159L) and an One Surf SUP 10'x30"(147L). Would these boards be good for me and my intended use?

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17 Jun 2022 3:50PM
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Hi Thall, it all depends upon your balance and how comfortable you want to be.

At 63 kg a 159L board is MUCH bigger than you need, but if your goal is just to get out on the water, paddle on flat water, and catch some waves (without getting too fancy on the wave), then either board will be fine. From what I know of board boards/brands, you won't go wrong with either.

However, if you have reasonable balance, and if you have surfed before, and you would like to have more fun on the wave, then I would go for a smaller board. A 120L board should be OK.

The interesting thing about stability is that you need volume in the board to float you, and technically you would float on a 75L board, but the length, width, and shape of the board factor into the stability of the board too. I am 100 kg so I must paddle a longer board, but I don't actually know if someone your weight could scale the board size down and still be stable.

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17 Jun 2022 6:57PM
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Agree both will do the trick ,the 10 will paddle faster if you are doing longer distances, but the 9 will move on a wave better .
both are great for a first SUP ,


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