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Happy birthday STC!!

Created by Emeboy 1 month ago, 20 Apr 2022
NSW, 364 posts
20 Apr 2022 5:57PM
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A little bird tells me that our most frothy SUPper has made another successful lap of the sun... Happy Cake Day Creek (aka STC, aka Sir Rick Weeks)
May your waves be large and the wind mild!!

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20 Apr 2022 7:29PM
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Keep shredding Rick may you have many more Birthdays .

VIC, 338 posts
21 Apr 2022 8:43AM
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Happy birthday to the great man, you are an inspiration to many of us breezers. A little package of Tim Tams are on their way

2339 posts
22 Apr 2022 9:16AM
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The things I miss when I skip a few days of interweb
You folks are awesome... thank you so much for thinking of me!

I gotta say, at 74, I feel super blessed to be chasing this dream!
Stoked to greet the sun every day!

8 posts
4 May 2022 3:30AM
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Much respect. I want to be like you when I grow up.

40 posts
4 May 2022 7:25PM
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One word 'Legend'!

Happy Birthday Rick, hope you have a great day.


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"Happy birthday STC!!" started by Emeboy