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New to sup in the surf

Created by turix Two weeks ago, 26 Jul 2022
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26 Jul 2022 6:43PM
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Hi all I have a 10,6 sup no problems at all on flat water.
I can catch small waves on it but still leaning , would a 8,6 evoke sup be to small to get on ? I'm 172 cm 83kg cheers

VIC, 2079 posts
27 Jul 2022 7:13AM
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If you have surfed before and are fit and strong, and if you have paddled the 10'6 quite a lot in dodgy conditions, then the Evoke might just be OK. At 32" wide and 139L (from what I can see online) you would be fine at your height and weight.

Having said that, most people, when getting started, would find a short board like that quite challenging.

I personally transitioned from a 10' board to a 9'5 then to an 8'8 x 32 with similar volume. I was closer to 90 kg and 192 cm, but I found the 8'8 a little challenging at first - but it was well worth it.

It is also worth mentioning that it is easier to get started at a reef/point break than most beach breaks as you can paddle around the breaking waves. So, if you are at a beach break you may need to transition through something with a little more length/stability.

Is there any chance of trying it first?

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29 Jul 2022 2:02PM
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I am same size as you and thought I could advance to something smaller than my 10 6 widepoint for the 1m waves. Got a 9 6 Element and 9 6 hypernut. Both are ok but just that bit harder to get going on a wave plus more wobbly once wind kicks up chop. Find I lean still towards taking the 10 6 as I have plenty to learn still and I always enjoy it unless waves are scary big. Funnily enough I picked up a carbon Blend which is 11 2 and thats lots of fun trying nose riding.
I would suggest going 9 6 rather than 8 6. You will have to catch waves when they are about to break on you and unless you are good at turning quickly and have lovely waves like the films you will get peeved off as waves go under you despite frantic paddling.

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29 Jul 2022 3:23PM
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Depends on experience and board dimension, I managed with a few decades of prone surfing experience to learn to SUP surf on an 8' hypernut, about 130 ltr at same height and weight as you. It's a very forgiving board, wide to give lateral stability and stubby nose / tail to give longitudinal end to end stability. Now down to around to 110 ltr narrower boards after a few years. Useful to paddle on flat water, clean conditions when you get a new low volume board to get used to it, not just go out in challenging conditions and get put off it straight away.


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